USA: Family Camps – Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

Family camp is similar to summer camps for kids but for the whole family gets in on the fun. The lodgings are basic, meals and many activities are included and the experience is easy on the family vacation budget.

The family camp concept is the perfect example of a high value, low cost family vacation experience. Ideal for creating family memories no two camp locations are the same but all guarantee family fun. Expect plenty of outdoor shared activities during the daytime, with sing-a-longs and campfires at night. Family camps sometimes dubbed “multigenerational camps”, offer simple lodgings, with meals included. In many cases traditional kids’ summer camp locations designate “family camp” weeks.

Family camp accommodations vary by location and include lodges, hotel rooms, cottages, cabins, and tents cabins with no electricity. Some provide private baths while others offer shared bathhouses. Just as varied as the sleeping spots the activities define the experience. From banana boat rides and sailing classes to performing arts and studio families can easily have fun together.

Because family camps span the country we have assembled some of the best by region.

Maine: Raymond, Kingsley Pines Family Vacation Camp – Hiking, Canoeing, Free Time, and Great Food. Summer camp by definition is pure fun, so imagine a summer camp for the whole family. A place with no schedule conflicts, no dishes to do, no chores to complete, forget the laundry – a place where everyone gets in on the fun. Each summer Kingsley Pines provides just that – a family camp. MORE

Maine: Washington, Medomak Family Camp – Rowing, Campfire Stories, and Never Ending Family Fun. If you are browsing for a summer camp for your children and the descriptions make you wish to be a camper yourself, wish no more. Reserve a week at Medomak and stay on for campfires, yoga, arts & crafts, hiking, stargazing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, blueberry picking, tennis, sculling and rowing. Sharing in the fun will make summer camp memories even better. MORE

USA: Northeast, Family Camps Just for Fun. The idea of being a kid again, even if only for a week, is enticing to many of us who manage lists, schedules, money and time. Family camp requires no management skills and there are family camps to fit all family types. Spend August in Maine listening to the pines or try yoga with the kids in Vermont. Learn to sail with your teen off Annapolis or share traditional English and American dance techniques in Massachusetts. MORE

USA: Southeast, Family Camps for Family Vacation Fun. Family camp requires no management skills. From exotic up-close animal encounters at Busch Gardens or mother/daughter sailing lessons in North Carolina to space simulations at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville or river rafting at Ace Adventure in West Virginia. Family camps make it easy to be a kid with your kids. MORE

USA: Heartland, Family Camps for the Fun. Campfires and s’mores, scavenger hunts and hayrides, canoeing and archery, family camp is about enjoying the fun stuff with your kids. If your family vacation schedule is flexible then now is the time to secure a much coveted spot at a family camp. In Nebraska trek the Oregon Trail by wagon, in Wisconsin hike the pine needle pathways of the north woods and in Minnesota go  muckwomping. This is the fun stuff. MORE

USA: Southwest, Family Camps Just for Fun. There are family vacation camps to fit all family types. Some are pure camps which include parents or grandparents along with kids; some are hybrids that are really resorts with great activity programs, but all make it easy to be a kid with the kids. Imagine interacting with sea lions in Texas, taking a moonlight swim in New Mexico or listening to a frontier story in Oklahoma. Plan on making a few one-of-a-kind family memories. MORE

USA: Mountains West, Family Camps Just for Fun. Having fun with the kids while someone else takes care of the details, that is the basic idea of family camp. From square dancing to storytelling family camps offer memory making experiences with or without green Jello. Hike a rocky mountain path; try river rafting with the kids; watch elk graze at sunset or count stars from a cozy sleeping bag. Make one-of-a-kind memories. We have found some interesting options for families. Many of them have a great high value lost cost ratio, in other words a bargain. The catch is that the places and spaces fill quickly. MORE

USA: Western Edge, Family Camps Just for Fun. Ever been a tad jealous when reading about the fun planned for you kids at summer sleepover camp? You are not alone. The good news is there are family camps to fit all family types and some of the best are in the west. Imagine kayaking with dolphins off the California coast or fort-building under giant sequoias. Try river rafting with the kids or watch elk graze at sunset. From square dancing to storytelling family camps offer memory making experiences with or without green Jello. MORE


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