If kids are happy then everyone will be happy – NO! If mom isn’t happy…

Lawnby Beach, Naples Beach Hotel

I am annoyed at the propensity of family vacation choices which emphasize kids only. We all know family vacation planning is not rocket science – it’s a juggling act with a little sleight of hand to make it happen. The point woman (person) who is charged with making it happen – the family vacation that is – should get some extra benefit. So, I am basically tired of hearing if the kids are happy then everyone will be happy – NO! How about if mom isn’t happy then the vacation will not go well? How about if mom and dad don’t get vacation time fun the whole year could tank?

Do you need a reality check? Most kids are more flexible and given boundaries, and rules they know how to fit into the flow. Family vacations are for parents who wish to share their well deserved, precious free days with their children not the other way around. The keyword phrase – precious vacation days. How does standing in line for an hour to hop on a three minute ride make sense at all? Often parents would rather be somewhere else and the kids more than likely would rather be back at the resort/hotel pool – waterpark, or lazy river. There may be lines for the waterslide but there is water, a deck chair and hopefully a refreshing drink. Make mine a Cuba Libre – lite.

Where can mom be happy? It really depends on what mom wants, right? I personally like whitewater rafting because I burn calories all day; the meals will be great; someone else does both the cooking and the cleaning up; there will be no cell phone connection; meaning I have more time with my family. A couple of folks in the travel industry have turned the focus to making mom comfortable and dare I say happy.

Space Coast, Florida

FDR Resort & Spa as well as Pebbles Resort in Jamaica offer mom benefits from free stays during select weeks each year to a vacation nanny for the family. There are plenty of family camps worth considering because they allow everyone – including mom- to share in the fun and be like a kid again. Several resorts now offer family spa time – keywords here: spa and happy mom. And all inclusive vacations for example in the Catskills or the Caribbean make it easy for every family member to actually vacation. Cruises have a similar benefit because onboard there will be plenty do for everyone; meals are effortless; entertainment including dancing can occur nightly. If mom and dad are happy the kids will be happy.


One thought on “If kids are happy then everyone will be happy – NO! If mom isn’t happy…

  1. Looking for a perfect Minnesota family vacation? Then look no further than Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.

    Wolf Ridge is a nationally respected and accredited K-12 school and residential learning center located in Finland, Minnesota. It’s convenient location makes the center accessible to children, teachers, and parents in communities across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

    Recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in environmental education, the center offers educational activities to immerse participants in nature exploration, cultural history, outdoor skills, team-building, and personal growth. In addition to K-12 school programs, Wolf Ridge offers summer
    Wolf Ridge offers several outdoor activities and classes including environmental science, cultural history, contemporary environmental issues, personal growth, team building and outdoor recreation. The outdoor atmosphere is a place where minds open to the joy and wonder of discovery of our natural world. The center seeks to stimulate a love and understanding of nature by involving children and adults in direct observation of and participation on the outdoors and promote self-awareness and leadership development in the process.

    Located on a ridge overlooking Lake Superior, Wolf Ridge’s 2,000 acre campus is bordered by the Baptism River and features creeks, two lakes, two high peaks, 18-miles of trail and a mixed forest of maple, birch ad spruce. Wildlife is abundant and includes pine marten, eagles, moose, black bear, whitetail deer, fox, wolves, beaver, peregrine falcons and loons. Facilities include three classroom buildings, two dormitories, a dining hall, a raptor aviary, a library, two auditoriums, two rock-climbing walls, two outdoor ropes courses and an administration building.

    Wolf Ridge’s staff includes classroom teachers, university professors, corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, doctors, lawyers and architects. Volunteers are also on hand to help with the many projects and events offered by the center.

    This Minnesota family trip is exactly what your family needs to stay busy and have fun this summer. To find out more, please contact Wolf Ridge at 800-523-2733 (in Minnesota, Wisconsin or North Dakota), 218-353-7414 (all other states) or visit their website at http://www.wolf-ridge.org/.
    camps, summer family vacations, wilderness trips, graduate naturalist training, and live education animal programs.

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