Vacation in a Box – Gifting Family Travel.

Each year during the holiday gifting season things get blurred by commercial nudging and obligations to “just do something” for family. And once the gift is unwrapped and the day is complete have you ever wondered – is that all there is?

The answer – there can be more if you gift an experience not a thing – a vacation in a box.

Think about giving travel to those you love. It can be sought after festival tickets, a rental car or rail pass,

CityPASS Urban Adventures for Families

CityPASS offers amazing urban adventures for families.

an invitation to a beach house for a week in the spring, or an amazing trip meant to be shared with family. Giving travel means  the recipient will reap enjoyment as memories are created and the gift lives on with photos, videos, tweets, Facebook posts and best of all family storytelling.

I do not remember what gifts I found under the tree or received on my birthday. I do remember family vacations and days spent one-on-one with my mom, dad or grandmother. I recently asked my adult kids what gifts they remember and except for matching stereos there recollection of holiday memories did not include things but it did include the time we spent as a family and the experiences we h f the Grand Canyon, sea kayaking off Baja California, whitewater rafting, ziplining, living history at Hampton Court, Amtrak to Chicago, and visiting amazing places including San Diego, Hollywood, Montreal, PEI, Costa Rica, Ireland, Scotland, and urban adventures with CityPASS.

I know from experience that giving experiences instead of things pays off with valued family memories which keep on giving. Gift a family adventure with nature at ACE Adventure Resort in Southern West Virginia; give a guided family adventure- Austin Lehman Adventures; consider an urban adventure with a CityPASS ; think about giving an apartment in London or Paris with a Eurail Pass. The possibilities endless- the memories priceless.

Happy holidays,

Nancy Nelson-Duac


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