Snow Tubing Squashes Winter Blahs

For most of the northern states and for many of us in the south March has provided extra snow, and a string of snow days so unless spring break plans include Caribbean sunshine and sandy beaches or an escape to an indoor waterpark,  snowy activities will be part of spring break 2015. Which is why I am opining about one of my favorite solutions to the winter blahs – snow tubing.

In the old days there was sledding and sometimes tobogganing offering the same thrills but less comfortable seating. And then resorts began to add inner tube lanes to sledding hills providing more bounce with no need to steer in order to enjoy the slide and a new way to enjoy the snow was born.

Woodloch Pines Resort Snow Tubing in Pennsylvania

At Woodloch Pines Resort doubling up on snow tubing is encouraged all winter long.

Snow tubing is definitely a multi-generational experience (not really a sport) that combines a modicum of skill with snow, fresh air, squeals of joy, and laughter. It is pure fun with no apps needed.  It has few age requirements and offers thrills for 10-year-olds, teens, 20-somethings and most snow slugs over 50.

Snow tubing ranks at the top of any winter family adventure list adding energy to chilly days. The growing popularity of snow tubing offers parents and grandparents the chance to share snowy thrills with the younger generation and sometimes ride a magic carpet as part of the experience. It does not require lessons or practice to be fun. It’s really a ready-made, surprisingly affordable, day adventure that makes a healthy family tradition.

To facilitate spring break planning the Family Travel Files has just expanded its Snow Places folder to include an extensive list of snow tubing spots across the US. New additions to the list offer terrific snow tubing possibilities including snow tubing at night, snow play areas and short tubing runs for tykes plus extra activities like snow sledding, winter zip lining, pint-sized snowmobiling, dog sledding, and even a bob sled run for those who get no thrills from snow tubing.

Two view the best snow tubing places in the US posted by region browse Snow Places lifestyle folder.

Nancy Nelson-Duac

Curator of the Good Stuff

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