Earth-Friendly Family Vacations – Think More Shades of Green

Earth Day celebrations provide participants with ways to take action and make the planet greener, bluer, safer, and healthier through daily actions. Earth friendly family vacations do all of the above plus they do not add to carbon emissions, contaminate water supplies, drain energy, or cause extra waste. The choices include tour companies, resorts, hotels, hostels, cabins, and campgrounds with responsible earth-friendly business practices which demonstrate respect for the planet and enable guests to enjoy holiday time and leave no trace.

Earth-friendly swing in Tuscany.

Earth-friendly family vacation choices span the planet and include simple pleasures and basic fun with no trace left behind.

The Green Spots folder featured at features hundreds of earth friendly family vacation ideas. Choices span the globe from the US to Canada and Costa Rica to Switzerland. They include basic camping experiences, farm stays, hostels, cabins, lodges, all-inclusive resorts, and green luxury in the city.

Five shades of family vacation green include:

Mammoth Cave National Park and Hotel in Kentucky – earth-friendly shade of green.

Terranea in Southern California – a bluer shade of green.

Arenal Lodge in Costa Rica – rainforest shade of green.

Abram’s Creek in West Virginia – a shade of forest green.

Woodloch Pines Resort in Pennsylvania – an all-inclusive shade of green.

To view the most recent earth-friendly vacation ideas browse Green Spots at

I am sipping my green tea and planning my next green escape.

Nancy Nelson-Duac         Curator of the Good Stuff for the Files.


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