Free Range Family Fun Just Happens When Your Kids Meet Real Farm Kids.

Summer family vacation time is precious time when sharing experiences and memory making is the whole point. Farm stay vacations offer families an opportunity to escape from sound bites and take advantage of rural life loaded with the basics for family fun.

Kids of Asgaard Farm and Dairy Farm

Arrange for your kids to meet the kids of Asgaard Farm and Dairy Farm, an organic green spot in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, just outside of the village of Au Sable Forks.

Through hands-on experiences children have to possibility to learn the values of conscious, responsible living. What a great way for kids to learn that milk comes from cows and not cartons in the supermarket and that goats are not just curios and gregarious they are a source of scrumptious cheese. Who could resist the kids of Asgaard Farm in upstate New York?

City slickers and little urban bunnies may participate in a variety of agrarian activities that often include gardening, animal grooming, crop harvesting, and stargazing. It is sometimes possible to milk a cow or gather eggs; hug a lamb or feed a goat; nestle with bunnies or play in a freshwater stream.

One of the absolute best resources for planning just such an escape is, a site offering oodles of un-hotel vacation experiences. This delightful site serves up so many tempting family vacation possibilities that no matter where you live in the U.S. there is a place within a half day’s drive. No two locations are the same and each offers unique benefits – the most obvious advantage – a chance to unplug, disconnect and discover the gift of time.

Who doesn’t need more time to enjoy life?

Nancy Nelson-Duac           Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files and a lover of goat cheese.


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