A Family Vacation in Europe – There Is No Substitute for Being There.

If your dream is a family vacation in Europe, jump on it. The latest forecasts for the euro to dollar exchange rate (EUR-USD) confirm that the favorable exchange rate may only be half done. My economist friend and coffee buddy explained that for the first quarter of 2015 U.S. dollar performance has already achieved what might normally achieve for in an entire year. Good news for travelers with kids. My thought immediately, what are we waiting for? Where should we go in Europe?

Sienna Central Market Square Family Vacation Meeting Place

Sienna: There is no substitute for being there on a summer day.

After some research and counseling from friends in the travel industry, I see that I am not alone. In fact according to Dave Pearsall of Short Stay Apartment Rentals, their inventory for the most popular cities, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, and Rome is already tight for the sought after summer months. I spent a few minutes browsing one of my favorite economical resources, HostelWorld and found promising availability for private (family) rooms Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, and Finland. Planning a family getaway takes buy in but my vote is Cesky Krumlov although Crete still beckons.

Thomson Family Travel still has limited availability on their awesome Celtic Isles adventure and they have added additional teen savvy departures for their Southern Italy tour.

Berlin is a most remarkable city to visit during the summer months. The cafes are family-friendly, street festivities abound, and Legoland Discovery Centre is a bit of heaven for kids. For a less urban yet authentic experience there’s southwest Germany home to Mercedes-Benz Museum and the impressive Porsche-Museum in Stuttgart, Hohenzollern Castle, Black Forest, Lake Constance, and the Swabian Mountains. Or maybe Finland with never ending daylight, marvelous music festivals, and luxurious saunas.  My head is spinning with ideas.

There is no substitute for being there (somewhere in Europe) with your kids on a summer day.


Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files


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