Labor Day Weekend Kid Quests and Royal Decrees.

I still have Labor Day weekend celebrations on my mind and while I mentioned Renaissance festivals I failed to convey the huge benefits or to name my favorite spots. Why not spend Labor Day in 1574 or 1588? During September and October Ren fairs are abundant. Hence spending Labor Day weekend in a version of Elizabethan England is easy. The atmosphere makes it easy to disconnect and enjoy whatever the day brings if you remember to silence your cellphone.

Ren Fair knights prepare to joust.

During the Renaissance jousting was a popular way of celebrating and so every Ren fair has at least one joust a day.

Attending a Renaissance faire is a chance to play make-believe with your kids. It is a little bit like stepping onto the movie set of a documentary, no two scripts will be the same but it will be nothing like Game of Thrones. The inhabitants – lords, ladies, peasants, jesters, musicians, falconers, and archers provide the threads to create an imaginative day filled with royal parades, quests, jousting tournaments,  knighting ceremonies, and perhaps fortune telling.

Jester walking in the royal parade.

The queen’s favorite jester must always walk in the royal parade.

From time travel with knights and jesters at the New York Renaissance Faire to Suitcase Shakespeare at Bristol and Royal Quests near Pittsburgh, a Ren faire adventure will be entertaining and during Labor Day weekend many faires offer benefits to attendees in costume and discounts or free passes for children. Huzzah!

Spend Labor Day in the year 1574 at Bristol Renaissance Fair where daily KidQuest fantasy adventures are the norm, Da Vinci’s Flying Machine is available, elephant rides are possible and Robin Hood’s men may appear.

At Holly Michigan Renaissance Festival step back in time and walk among knights, jesters, troubadours, and members of the royal court. Hear Hob the Singing Troll and listen to the Celtic music of Stone Clover.

Have cake with the queen at Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire then run a maze and jump on a pirate swing. Activities for young children include treasure hunts, potato races, gem mining, and meeting a beekeeper with a bee hive.

If Labor Day weekend does not work for you browse the Ren Faire folder at Family Travel Files for dozens of time-travel options.


Nancy Nelson-Duac

Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files



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