Kinsa – Cooler Than Ice Cubes at 98.6.

No one plans to become ill while on vacation, but air travel, climate adjustments, food allergies, cruise ship activities, jet lag, and public restrooms all provide the potential to wear down resistance and to allow unwanted germs to wreak havoc. Becoming sick is not an automatic result but as a mom and grand mom, I think being prepared offers peace of mind.

Kinsa is the world’s first smart thermometer.

Kinsa, the world’s first smart thermometer, measures, tracks, and stores temperatures using a user friendly app.

A couple of weeks ago I used Kinsa, the world’s first smart thermometer. I am not the most tech savvy individual but the app enabled device which connects to the headphone jack of a smart phone is easy to install, easy to understand, and though I did not test it on a feverish tyke, it worked like a charm on my 20-something daughter.

If you have ever been away from home at a resort or in a hotel room with a sick child and needed a thermometer, you will agree with me that this item is cooler than ice cubes.

Kinsa is the world’s first smart thermometer.

Knowledge is power and Kinsa provides guidance about symptoms so action may be taken.

The thermometer stick is lightweight and flexible so it will fit in a carry-on, purse, backpack or even a jacket pocket. It makes tracking a family member’s symptoms and temperatures easy. Kinsa’s new version has the ability to give guidance about what to do when a fever is detected. Stored on your phone, the information is ready to share with your doctor if need be.

Practical, affordable and essential when traveling with kids, I just ordered a second one in the hopes that by having it with us during the holidays we will not have the need for one.

Happy travels,

Nancy Nelson-Duac Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files.