Family Vacation Camps Will Add Extra Fun to Summer with Your Kids.

No two family camp locations are the same but all guarantee family fun so expect plenty of outdoor shared activities during the daytime, with sing-a-longs and campfires at night.

Chief Ouray Family Camp

Family summer camp – fun for all!

The best family vacation camps, sometimes dubbed “multigenerational camps”, offer simple lodgings with meals included and dozens of terrific activities meant to be shared with other families at camp. In fact in many cases traditional kids’ summer camp locations designate “family camp” weeks. Family camp locations vary including lodges, hotel rooms, cottages, cabins, and sometimes tent cabins with no electricity. Some provide private baths while others offer shared bathhouses. Continue reading

Earth-Friendly Family Vacations The Greener, The Better.

Mammoth Cave National Park Family Adventure

Mammoth Cave National Park Family Adventure

Not all green family vacation ideas include a tent or sleeping on the ground, some offer luxury while others include social responsibility but all show a respect for the planet. There are many shades of green giving parents or grandparents choices. Just how green do you want your next family vacation time to be? Continue reading

#WestVirginia : Hitting the River with @ACEAdventures

Our whitewater experience started with a group meeting under the big tent. Our excursion leader was a dynamic twenty-year veteran with a set of powerful lungs and an energizing manner. ImageShe introduced herself and gave us a brief idea of what we could expect. Since we were rafting in early May, the water was still cold, and wetsuits required – luckily, ACE has a gear rental shop, and the process was seamless. Continue reading