Harry Potter from Orlando to London: Magic’s in the Air!

Quidditch in Orlando this summer? Just when you thought the Harry Potter phenomena was waning (and you could sell your capes and wands at the garage sale) Universal Studios in Florida is about to open Wizarding World of Harry Potter Adventure.

I have been following the progress and as jaded as I can be about commercialism I am intrigued. Mostly because I want to see how things will match up with Rolling’s mega series. And really who doesn’t want to eat at Three Broomsticks and go to Ollivanders Wand Shop. Naturally Universal Orlando Resort has created family vacation packages that include early park admission, breakfast at the Three Broomsticks, and Universal Express Access (Beginning May 28, 2010). Continue reading

Canada: New Brunswick, Kings Landing, Daydreaming in History.

(Written by my youngest daughter, Jule Nelson-Duac)

Wagon rides > walking three miles in moccasins!

There I was, sitting in history class thinking, ” There’s a more fun way of learning this!” Why can’t school be more like my life at Kings Landing? The teacher’s voice droned on as I looked out the window. I recalled my summer days and the last time we were in New Brunswick, Canada. I was lucky enough to attend a living history camp at Kings Landing. They call it “Visiting Cousins” and that is what we all pretended to be for a week. I went with my two cousins, Scott and Jaime, and my big sister, Amanda. As it turned out it was really fun, even better than space camp. Continue reading