Smart Christmas Stocking Stuffers Offer Extra Vacation Fun.

There are many ways to increase family vacation fun but sometimes the little things make all the difference to a child. My list of stocking stuffers includes “smart” gifts (as opposed to dumb) to be enjoyed long after the holiday season passes.

It is not size or cost that will ensure the staying power of a gift to a child. Children learn and grow by doing and making discoveries of their own. It is up to adults to enable the process. Purposeful gift giving reaps rewards all year long.

chameleon vision goggles

Seeing the world with chameleon vision goggles is super cool at any age.

My short list of stocking stuffers for young children includes items which will improve the quality any family vacation or mini day adventure. The items spanning five to 30 dollars have been tried and tested. I am not giving up my chameleon vision glasses – share maybe.

The short list of smart stocking stuffers for kids includes:

  1. Early Explorer Magnifying Glass to discover the details of just about anything.
  2. Chameleon Vision Goggles to provide a reptile’s unique view of bugs.
  3. Lill’ Lewis Kid’s Travel Pillow because everyone needs a hug when they travel.
  4. Personal compass so on the next scavenger hunt no one will need to say which way is North?
  5. Toysmith’s Nature Kaleidoscope using Mother Nature’s creativity.
  6. Night Ize Buglit making any dark space less scary and more fun.
  7. Music for Little People with oodles of lively audio solutions to ease any family road trip.

Additional family travel gift ideas which will not fit in a stocking include: a mini day vacation at a well-renowned museum, a national park pass, music concert tickets, an invitation to share a summer beach house, all-inclusive western ranch stay or a down payment on a dream vacation. More suggestions for holiday gifting and advice on how to make the holiday season memorable may be viewed from the homepage of