Wisconsin: Ripon, Go for the Horses

Meeting the horses!

(Written by my niece, Jaime Kamps-Duac)

I like horses and I have wanted to have my horse most of my life. But because I live in a city this is not going to happen… So when I go on vacation with my family I look for horse farms to visit, places to ride.

Have you ever been to a Clydesdale horse farm? I found one in Ripon, Wisconsin. Clydesdale horses are the really big horses that pull wagons in circus parades. You may have seen them at Busch Gardens in St. Louis or Tampa or even at Sea World in Florida. Seeing them pass by and seeing them up close are too really different experiences. In Ripon at Larson’s Clydesdale Farm getting close is easy and fun. I had the good luck to go to Larson’s Clydesdales with my two grandmas for a tour and show. I call it my Clydesdale encounter. Continue reading